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SmartCraft Mercury & MerCruiser


Vessel View Mobile: Smartcraft compatible engines 2002 and newer

Vessel View 4, 7, 502, 702, 403, 703, 903: Gen I (2007) engines and newer

Carbureted Models

Vessel View Mobile $ 199.00

Vessel View 4       $ 1,245.00

Vessel View 7       $ 1,925.00

Vessel View 502   $ 1,629.00

Vessel View 702   $ 2,248.00

Vessel View 403   $    989.00

Vessel View 703   $ 2,329.00

Vessel View 903   $ 2,385.00

Mercury Vessel View

VesselView Mobile

Your total on-board management system

All boat and engine performance data. On full display

Real-time information on dozens of functions

More information and data on more boat and engine functions than any other system in the boating industry: rpm, speed, fuel flow and efficiency, temperature, trim, and more. Monitor up to four engines at a time on an intuitive, "at a glance" 4" or 6.4" LCD screen. It keeps track of everything. So you can keep track of more important things. Like the fish.

More than data - Control

VesselView® is your digital interface to the advanced Mercury SmartCraft® technology. Provides instant access to cruise control, Smart Tow®, troll control, and much more. You have the information. You have the knowledge. You have the control. VesselView.

A choice of screens and packages

VesselView 4 is the standard package with a 4" glass thin-film LCD screen and refreshed graphical user interface. Lets you monitor up to two engines simultaneously. VesselView 7 includes a larger 6.4" touchscreen with a digital interface that lets you access data quickly and effortlessly. Monitor up to four engines simultaneously. Use as a chart plotter. Link to Simrad® radar and sonar and Sirius® Weather. A total digital information hub.


Reduce the cost of boating by increasing fuel economy, up to 20%

Recommends trim and RPM adjustments to achieve optimal fuel economy

Screen indicators guide adjustments and light up green when achieved

Make a Smart purchase with Smart Tow*

Smart Tow is the latest engine control advancement from Mercury. Smart Tow enables you to bring your rider out of the water smoothly and with incredible precision by pre-selecting the towing rpm. You will now be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. Smart Tow integrates with the award-winning Mercury DIGITAL Throttle and Shift (DTS) control system providing outstanding reliability and precise performance.

*Standard on VesselView 4 & 7. SmartTow is not standard on VesselView and is available as a separate SKU.

Standard Engine Outputs

Mercury Outboards

Mercury MerCruiser

Mercury Racing

VesselView 4

VesselView 7


Install yourself?

Vesselview systems are not difficult to install, it's essentially "plug and play".