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Evinrude I-Command gauges for Etec | Multi Function Gauge

Evinrude E-Tec 40 HP to 90 HP - 2008 and newer

Evinrude E-Tec 115 HP to 300 HP - 2005 and newer

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I-Command making Evinrude E-Tec Engine Management easy!

The I-Command maximises the usage of a Evinrude engine management interface, by connecting to the NMEA 2000® network and a Evinrude outboard engine to enable real-time monitoring of crucial engine data. Sounds complicated, to achieve doesn’t it? But this connection is quick and easy, made possible by using just one cable that is attached from your Evinrude engine to the NMEA 2000 network.

Keeping an eye on speed, fuel rate, engine temperature, oil pressure, system voltage and engine hours, to name but a few features, can help ensure that your boat is not only performing to its full potential, but that engine warnings are heeded with speed and acted upon, ensuring journeys are smooth and trouble-free.

Having engine gauges available to see clearly from a I-Command can also save the inherent cost of fitting individual display units and once again keep helm clutter to a minimum – particularly on smaller boats and RIBs where space is at a premium.

Key Features

Compact size fits 3-3/8" (86mm) diameter hole

High-contrast dot matrix display with advanced LED backlighting

NMEA 2000® compatible

Capable of configuring other NMEA 2000 devices on the network bus

Capable of displaying the following NMEA 2000 data: paddlewheel speed, GPS speed, tachometer, battery voltage, alternator voltage, engine temperature, water pressure, engine oil pressure, fuel pressure, boost pressure, transmission oil pressure, atmospheric pressure, temperature, depth, engine loads, engine hours, fuel flow, fuel economy, fuel remaining, fuel used, fuel range, trip fuel used, seasonal fuel used, engine synchronizer, fluid level, GPS position, trim tab position, engine trim position, and engine alarms and warnings

Capable of showing data in the following page formats: single digital, dual digital, quad digital, single analog, dual analog, quad analog, trim tab, engine diagnostics, engine trim, and engine synchronizer

Compatible with an array of electronic probes, including fluid level, temp, speed, and more

Capable of connecting to a remote speaker for alarms

I-Command can monitor up to three engines. The Engine Displayed option controls which engine is monitored.

NOTE: Only supported in multi-engine set-ups.

Setting the Units

The change Units menu will allow you to set the unit of measure for volume to Gallons or Liters, and the speed to MPH, KMH or Knots.

This gauge will only work with a Module Kit AND Evinrude I-Command Power Supply (or NMEA 2000 network).

It MUST be connected to a Evinrude I-Command Power Supply (NMEA 2000 network) or it WILL NOT function.


Evinrude I-Command Power Supply Cable 0764157

Etec I-Command Memory Module Kit 0764181

Evinrude Etec GPS Module - Antenna 0767488

I-Command Fuel Tank Cable Kit 764168

Install yourself?

Evinrude I-Command systems are not difficult to install, it's essentially "plug and play".

Evinrude I-Command

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